Martin Migration Map Migration Map

Are you looking to attract and house Purple Martins?
The first thing you need to know is whether you live within the breeding range of Progne subis subis - the Purple Martin that is attracted to man built housing. In the United States, this is typically the eastern ½ of the country.

When should you be ready?
The map also indicates when you can expect mature adult martins to return to established breeding sites. Sub-adult martins, those in their first breeding years, tend to follow the mature adults 3-6 weeks later.

Getting Ready for your Colony to Return:
If you have an established colony, you should be ready for the mature adults  (within the red time lines shown on the map). However, if you are establishing a new colony - wait for the arrival of the sub-adults and don’t open your housing for another 3-6 weeks. Waiting will help prevent problems with sparrows, starlings and other birds. 

If birds other than Purple Martins try to nest in your house, lower the house and remove the nest – temporarily plugging the entry holes if necessary to keep them from returning.