Turn a Flagpole in to Martin Pole

As many Purple Martin Landlords know the pole is often the weakest link when it comes to supporting your martin house. Too many times the thin diameter of the pole up high tends to bend in the slightest bit of wind, is hard to raise and lower or just has too many nuts and bolts that can go missing while your out in the yard?

At your local Harbor Freight tool store is a hidden gem under the name of “One Stop Gardens” This aluminum flag pole can be raised up to 20 feet high and can be easily modified in just minutes to support your Purple Martin House. In our example pictured here we have the pole supporting a 12 room Coates aluminum original round hole house. The flagpole can be purchased for $64.00 and with a Harbor Freight coupon you can save up to another 20%.

List of materials Needed:

1-Harbor Freight Flag Pole SKU# 64342/64344 ( find & use coupon to save )
2 – ¼" diameter x 3” long stainless hex head bolt, washer with nylon lock nut
1 – 5/16” steel drill bit
1 – Small Phillips head screwdriver
1 – Bag of quick set cement for ground socket
1 – 2-4 Foot Level

Steps for Install:

A. Remove Plastic Hardware from flagpole using Phillips screwdriver
B. Slide top of pole up and over the aluminum bracket at the base of the house
C. Line up holes in pole with holes in bracket collar. Drill out pole-bracket collar using 5/16” drill bit.
D. Use included PVC ground socket and cut a “V” notch on both sides of the pole.
E. Slide the base of the pole inside the ground socket and mark with a Sharpie At the base of the “V” notch and drill through the pole. ( MAKE sure to extend the pole Sections first so your only drilling in to the single base wall of the pole).
F. Install a ¼” x 3” stainless steel bolt and attach the washer and nut to the opposite side.
G. Dig hole using post hole digger so that ground socket is just below the lawn mower cut line But the “V” notch is above the ground level. Should be around 20” deep.
H. Mix cement thick and pour to fill up hole. Lower pole and level the pole and allow to dry until hard.
I. Place house on top of the pole and attach using ¼” x 3” bolt, washer and nylon locking nut. Secure tightly so house does not wobble on pole.
J. Raise each section of pole by turning pole to loosen and lock each piece. Do this until all the sections are raised. Maximum height for flagpole is 20 feet. Our house in the photo is standing 14-15 feet up from the ground and seems to be just fine. Little to no movement in the wind. Pole can easily be raised or lowered in foul weather or high winds.

harbor freight flagpole for purple martin house